Russia-Ukraine war. The UN General Assembly passed a resolution condemning Russia

Apart from Russia and Belarus, the vote was against Syria, North Korea and Eritrea. Among others, they sided with China, India, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates.

The resolution acknowledges that Russia has violated the principles of the United Nations Charter, calling on the Russian Federation to immediately, fully and unconditionally withdraw all military forces from Ukraine within internationally recognized borders.

The document expressed “deep concern over reports of attacks on civilian facilities such as homes, schools and hospitals, and casualties among the general public, including women, the elderly, the disabled and children”; Belarus also expressed regret over its involvement in the war.

Ukrainian Ambassador: Russia occupies Ukraine to resolve “Ukrainian question”

– They came to usurp the right to Ukrainian soil (…) for Ukraine’s existence. As some campaigners have said, they have come to resolve the Ukraine issue, Ukraine’s ambassador Sergei Kystizia said during a debate on the General Assembly resolution on Wednesday condemning the Russian occupation.

The word was used in an article published by KysÅ‚ycia RIA Nowosti. The diplomat compared Russia’s actions in Ukraine to those of World War II, citing Judge Robert Jackson’s speech in Nuremberg.

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“It is already clear that Russia’s goal is not only aggression but also genocide,” he added.

Russia-Ukraine war. Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion

Recall that on Wednesday night, Vladimir Putin announced in a televised speech that he was launching a “special operation on Donbass”. According to official sources and reports on social media, Russian forces have begun shelling Ukrainian cities from other directions. The bomber struck shortly after noon in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

After that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky announced the introduction of martial law. – Explosions were heard in several cities of Ukraine; Russia has launched artillery attacks against infrastructure and border security forces.

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