Russia-Ukraine war. The Russians are preparing for local elections

In Zaporizhia Oblast, civil servants said on Facebook that the Russian military was “carrying out covert preparations to conduct elections in the districts (districts) and cities of the pro-Russian administration”:

Concerns have been raised that Russian troops, in the guise of “humanitarian convoy”, are preparing to carry ammunition to the Jaborzhia region. This can be done using white trucks from the Russian Ministry of Emergencies. The Russians dumped such vehicles in the port of Occupied Bertiansk.

Staff estimate that the Russian military is in dire need of repairing damaged weapons and equipment. In the province of Zaporizhia, the Russians have set up a repair site where 20 armored equipment is being repaired.

There are still exits in Russian troops. In the Kiev area, a group of soldiers seized the cars of residents, changed civilian clothes and headed for the Ukrainian-Belarusian border, civil servants said.

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