Russia-Ukraine war. NATO Secretary General: There will be more suffering

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– Russian units are not withdrawn, but reassembled. Russia seeks to strengthen its offensive units. Russia is putting pressure on Kiev and other cities. We expect more hurtful acts that will lead to more suffering. Jens Stoltenberg said Russia must stop this meaningless war.

The NATO leader stressed that the main goal of the alliance was to protect its members.

– NATO is united and strong. Stoltenberg said our new command headquarters is fully operational.

The NATO secretary general said the federation was skeptical of the Russians leaving permanently. “Russia has promised to take drastic action in many cases in the past, and we can only determine what it really does,” Stoltenberg said.

NATO secretaries’ reports confirm the Pentagon’s information that it suspects the Kremlin is using the time to gain time for peace talks with Ukraine and to re-establish its troops.

Today in Ukraine, another attempt is being made to evacuate the remaining people from the besieged Mariupol for several weeks.

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