Russia-Ukraine war. Missiles fall, people run

Reuters reports that 6 missiles then hit Ukrainian command centers Kiev and Kharkiv.

According to the former Minister of Infrastructure, in the early hours of the morning Ukraine Volodymyr Olelan, missiles fell on villages Nationwide, Including the western part of Ukraine, it was considered safe in the minds of citizens. The Ukrainians we spoke to the day before Invasion of Russia, They painted various scenes, but the dark one included an attack on the eastern, central and southern part of the country, although there were also fears that an attack might be carried out on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border.

From some residents Kiev Or in the eastern part of the country, we have heard that they can take refuge in the western part of the country if attacked. That it turns out Putin Hit there too.

Russia-Ukraine – Follow the live broadcast

The missile struck Ivanovsk-Frankivsk airport Western Ukraine, 130 km from the Polish border. The following record was published on the network:

IN Kiev Early in the morning, sirens sounded and residents were called to evacuate the shelters.

Traffic jams began to form on the roads leading out of the Ukrainian capital.

An apartment building in Suzhou, south of Kharkiv, was hit by an open barrage. The death toll is currently unknown.

CNN broadcasts the footage it shows Russian tanks entering Ukraine from Belarus.

Meanwhile, Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan shows the video at 9:29 local time. “Russian troops cross the Senkivka-Veslovka checkpoint On the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. It is not clear whether the Belarusian army also occupied Ukraine. Lukashenko will meet with his commanders in half an hour, “he wrote.

Militaryland shows a video of a Russian shell attack under a Ukrainian base Odessa. The victims are – said.

Missiles land at the airport Vineyards.

In Ivano-Frankivsk, western Ukraine, a missile People flew over their heads.

Area Kharkiv Hundreds of paramedics land.

There is also a record of an attack on the city Total In the northeastern part of Ukraine.

On registration from Kharkiv You can see the glow over the city. It is still dark – the attack must have taken place in the early morning.

Ukrainian officials say more casualties have been reported. Anton Heraschenko, a spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said one person had been killed in an airstrike on the city of Brovari in the Kiev region. He died as a result of a shelling attack in the Gerson area 17 year old boy. There are casualties in other areas as well.

The remaining eight of the previous 9 victims.

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