Russia-Ukraine war. Joe Biden flies to Poland. The Americans confirm

Joe Biden will travel to Poland after his visit to Brussels, where he will meet with NATO, EU and G7 leaders.

We read on the front page of the White House that he will hold bilateral meetings with US President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw, where he will “discuss with the United States, its allies and partners how to respond to the humanitarian and human rights crisis triggered by Russia’s unprovoked and unjust war in Ukraine.”

Suggests that Biden will be coming to Poland soonAppeared a few days ago. On Tuesday We provided unofficial information on Onet According to our diplomatic sources, the date of the visit is March 25.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau told reporters about Biden’s possible visit to Poland. “The visit of US President Joe Biden seems very likely,” he said in New York. As he added, Poland would be a natural place for the US president to visit at that time.

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