Russia-Ukraine war. Biden on Russia’s threats over chemical weapons

On Monday evening, the US President attended a meeting of the Directors General of the Business Roundtable. During the conference, he noted the 26th day of fighting in Ukraine with the Russian invaders.

US President Vladimir Putin has said he “never believed NATO would be determined to stand on a front.” “I firmly believe that NATO has never been united throughout its history, thanks in large part to Putin,” he added. “In response to the aggression, we showed a united front throughout the coalition,” he said.

– Every meaningful piece of equipment will be transferred to Ukraine based on the assessment of our military that can be transferred to Ukraine. We can help Ukraine defend itself – Joe Biden added.

Reaction to Russia’s threats

The US president also mentioned the possibility of using hypersonic weapons. – You all know that this is a weapon with significant consequences. However, we must realize that it cannot be prevented. That said it is important that we are united.

– I have categorized the full range of different activities that can be expressed to show people what is coming. At this point, Putin leans against the wall and begins to use new false-flag functions, Biden said.

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– He says, we, the United States, have chemical and biological weapons in Europe, but that is not true. It also says Ukraine has chemical weapons in it. This is a very clear indication that he is going to use the weapon. In this we must be very careful. (…) The truth is that what is really happening – said the US President.

Warning against cyber attacks

Biden told merchants that it was now a “patriotic act” to better protect their businesses from Russian cyber-attacks. According to the president, this may be the Kremlin’s replacement for Western sanctions introduced in connection with the occupation of Ukraine.

– Russia may be preparing for such an attack. According to our intelligence, the Russian government expects such measures, the president stressed.

The White House has warned that key US-owned private networks are particularly at risk.

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