Russia-Ukraine war. Anonymous entered the Central Bank of Russia

“The anonymous group has clashed with the Central Bank of Russia. More than 35,000 files with classified data will be released within 48 hours.” – The group wrote on Twitter.

As Ukrinform writes, since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, anonymous hackers have hacked more than 2,500 official Russian and Belarusian websites and carried out unprecedented attacks on official Russian government sites.

Declaration of anonymous war on Putin

Anonymous international group after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine Coalition of hackers, activists opposed to restricting civil rights Declared a cyber war against RussiaWith the exception of the state-owned news service and the Kremlin’s government websites and the Russian Defense Ministry for a short time.

– Anonymous activists do not want to be idle in the face of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and Putin’s military pressure – Said Simon Balzewski, a journalist with the Cyber ​​Defense 24 portal. – They officially declared war on Putin on February 24, after which they have continued to carry out cyber operations targeting Russian infrastructure. Government websites or banking systems, he said.

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– They are sure. They say directly that they are angry with Putin and will not ignore the situation in which Ukrainian citizens are subjected to repression. They declare that they are fighting not only for the Ukrainians, but also for the Russians who oppose Putin’s dictatorship, and for other people around the world who support the Ukrainians and want peace in this region of the world, Balzewski said. “I think this cyber war will give Putin a hard time,” the journalist added.

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