Russia – Ukraine. The Russians stole half a million tons of grain from Ukraine

Ukrainian officials say the grain was stolen and removed by Russian forces. According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture Taras Vysotsky, the Russians are required to illegally export nearly 500,000 tons of grain from the occupied territories of Ukraine. According to Vysotsky, the Russians tried to sell grain to Egypt and Lebanon. Countries do not agree to buy.

– We can see that almost half a million tons of grain was stolen – Vysotsky said on state television. We have evidence of theft in all temporarily occupied areas and oblasts Kherson, Zaporizhia, Luhansk, Donetsk and Karkiv – He insisted.

The Russians are stealing Ukrainian grain

He said the resident was sending the stolen grain Russia – is under its control directly or via Ukrainian Crimea.

Wiszoki warned that grain harvested during the next harvest could also fall into the hands of the Russians. – We hope to be able to conquer and recapture these areas before the harvest begins in the southern regions in the coming weeks – he stressed.

According to the Ukrainian government, the Russians wanted to sell the stolen goods Ukraine Grains in Egypt and LebanonBut the authorities in these countries do not agree. A Russian ship carrying stolen Ukrainian grain has entered the port of Latakia Syria – CNN Television released the news on Sunday.

The Deputy Minister stressed that Ukraine is cooperating with the United Nations. European unionThe United States, Great Britain and grain-importing countries need to re-export Ukrainian food production.

Ukrainian ports have been blocked since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine; Currently 20 million tons of grain are exported to Silos. Prior to February 24, Ukraine exported 5 million tons of grain a month. Ukrainian agriculture accounted for 12 percent. World wheat production, 15 percent corn production and half of global production of sunflower oil.

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A warning story for seafarers who help carry grain

Mikhail Podolak, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky, warned sailors on Monday not to take grain stolen from Ukraine by the Russian military. “Interpol will be waiting for participants in this process,” he promised.

In a message on Twitter, Bodolog said Russia exports “blood grain” to Syria. “Every sailor participating in the Russian network helps in the sale of assets obtained from crime” – he promised. As he added, an international arrest warrant will be issued for each of these sailors.

“At every port, Interpol will be waiting for robbers with arrest warrants,” Bodolog added.

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