Russia-Ukraine. Head of the Ministry of Defense after talks with the Minister of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine spoke with his Belarusian Minister. “I take it as a positive signal and the first step towards cooperation,” he said. On the same day, Alexander Lukashenko referred to questions about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus in connection with military maneuvers harassing the West. – This is my and Putin’s business. We will meet soon and make a decision – said.

Minister of Defense Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov announced on Monday that he had spoken with his Belarusian representative Viktor Grenin.

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“The purpose of the conversation was to reduce tension and prevent the relationship from escalating,” Resnikov explained on Twitter. He added that the ministers “discussed more issues and defined a mechanism for further communication”. “I take it as a positive signal and the first step towards cooperation,” Resnikov said.

Lukashenko: Withdrawing troops from Belarus is my and Putin’s business

On February 10, the military maneuver began Union Company-2022. According to the announcements, this is the final stage of the “test of the reactionary forces of Belarus and the Union Territory of Russia”. This was announced on January 18th. Minsk justified the maneuvers, saying “the situation around Belarus’ borders, the growing tension in Europe and the deteriorating political and military situation in the world.”

President of the Belarusian regime Alexander Lukashenko Monday marked the date for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Belarus in connection with the maneuvers. – Everyone is shouting today: When will you get the troops out ?! Listen, this is my business and (Vladimir) Putin. In the future, we will meet and decide when, when and on what schedule the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should leave, “he said.

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Earlier, the Ministry of Defense and the Kremlin in Minsk announced that Russian troops would leave Belarus after the completion of the Union Firmness-2022 maneuvers. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, “There were such plans, and there is no question about others.”

Alexander Lukashenko (archive photo)

– We will leave when we decide with the Russian President and when the maneuvers are over. We will decide, this is our territory, ”Lukashenko said. “Americans, British and other European nations are transferring their forces in thousands to countries bordering Belarus, Poland and the Baltic,” he said.

Maneuvers in Belarus

On Belarus As part of the “test”, Russian troops and equipment were sent mainly from Russia’s eastern military district. In addition to several dozen trains of various types of weapons, S-400 missile systems, Su-25 attack aircraft, 12 Su-35S fighter jets, Pancyr-S artillery and missile systems, as well as Uragan rocket artillery systems and Iskander missiles were provided. To Belarus.

Beginning of the Union Firmness-2022 training in Belarus Reuters

The Ministries of Defense of Belarus and Russia argued that the parameters of the training, the number of soldiers and equipment do not fall under the OSCE Vienna document and that the announcement of other states and the need to invite visitors. However, contrary to the practice of previous years, the number of players and equipment were not provided. The United States and NATO estimate that 30,000 Russian troops may have been sent to Belarus.

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Maneuvers plague the West

The maneuvers in western and southern Belarus are tightening security around Ukraine. Russia has amassed significant military forces in its territory near its borders. These actions raise serious concerns in the West, with its leaders believing there is a “risk of major Russian military action.”

Moscow says there are no such plans, while the US and NATO have demanded “guarantees” that the alliance will not be extended to Ukraine and that its infrastructure will be withdrawn from Russian borders.

Union Firmness-2022 Maneuvers in BelarusREUTERS

The Belarusian Ministry of Defense said the maneuvers announced on Monday included the disbandment of armed groups and saboteurs by Belarusian and Russian commandos, as well as the strengthening of border and air exercises.

Main photo source: REUTERS

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