Russia – Ukraine. A Ukrainian court has decided to seize the assets of Russian oligarch Mikhail Friedman.

A Ukrainian court has issued a ruling on the seizure of the assets of Russian billionaire Mikhail Friedman worth UAH 12.4 billion (approximately US $ 420 million), citing Ukrainian public prosecutor General Irina Venedikova.

According to the agency, Venedikova wrote on Facebook that the securities of Cypriot companies based in Ukraine are assets. Friedman was punished by the European Union as part of the EU’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Michael Friedman’s Frozen Estate

In March, the total wealth of the Russian oligarch Mikhail Friedman was estimated at $ 10 billion. He lived in London at the time The millionaire complained that there was no way to pay the cleanersHe cannot use his funds because his accounts and assets are currently frozen.

Before the start of the Russian invasion, Friedman’s wealth was estimated at $ 14 billion. When Britain joined the sanctions introduced by the European Union, its last working credit card was blocked. The oligarchy must apply for permission to withdraw money with a limit of up to 2.5 thousand each time. Pounds per month.

Michael Friedman. who is she?

According to Bloomberg, Mikhail Friedman is the largest shareholder in Alpha Group, an investment firm that holds shares in Alpha Bank, Russia’s fifth largest bank, and Russian grocery retailer X5. Through LetterOne, a Luxembourg-based company, the oligarchy holds shares in German oil and gas manufacturer Wintershall DEA and international mobile operator Veon.

In late February, In an interview with the Financial TimesFriedman described the war in Ukraine as a “tragedy” and called for a “bloody” end. In an earlier e-mail to employees of the London headquarters of his investment firm LetterOne, the Russian billionaire expressed his confidence that “war can never be the solution.”

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Main photo source: Pavel Golovkin / EPA / PAP

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