Russia. The work of independent websites The Insider and Bellinggate is considered “unsolicited”.

The Russian Prosecutor’s Office has described the activities of investigative websites Bellingcat and The Insider as “undesirable”. “It has been established that their activities threaten the foundations of the constitutional system and the security of the Russian Federation,” the state prosecutor’s office said on the Telegram channel.

Bellingcat is the website of an international group of investigative journalists whose publications and reports are prepared based on data and information available on social networks available in the information space. After the military invasion Russia For Ukraine, the portal reported about a “purge” in the Federal Security Service. Its officials must provide officials in the Kremlin with — as Bellingad put it — “highly reliable information UkraineThis resulted in defeats on the battlefield.”

On its website, investigative portal The Insider publishes reports on corruption by Russian officials, and is currently publishing material on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In mid-June, the portal’s journalists wrote about the forced mobilization of men sent to fight in Ukraine under threat of torture and fabricated criminal cases in Chechnya. report: Russia’s attack on Ukraine

Journalists Bellingham and The Insider were also the authors of investigations into the attempted poisoning of a well-known critic of officials in the Kremlin. Alexei NavalnyAssassinations of an opposition politician Boris NemtsovOr the attempt to poison an ex-military intelligence officer living in Great Britain Sergei Skripal.

Insider and Bellingate were previously considered “foreign agents” in Russia. Both websites previously reported on Russian troop movements near the Ukrainian border and Russia’s preparations for an armed invasion of Ukraine.

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The activities of the organization are considered undesirable, which means that any of its activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited, and cooperation with such organizations can lead to the initiation of criminal proceedings and imprisonment, the Russian branch of Radio Svoboda recalled.

A law on “undesirable organizations” was adopted in Russia in 2015, and last year parliament passed legislation that could bring criminal charges against people who work in such organizations or who seek to support them.

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