Russia sends part of its military back from Georgia to Ukraine [RELACJA]

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said in the evening that Russian forces were now gathering in the Donbass and Mariupol regions. “In the Sumi region, north of Kiev, towards Chernihiv, the occupiers are being expelled,” he added in a statement. On Thursday, meetings of the OSCE Permanent Council were held in Vienna. Ukrainian Ambassador Yevhen Cymbaliuk was there, making it clear: the Russian military is behaving like terrorists in Ukraine, firing on educational institutions and committing rapes and murders. The most important events related to the Russian occupation of Ukraine can be found in our report from 01/04/2022.

We can see the most important events related to the 36th day of war in Ukraine Summary >>>

Ukrainian Pravda writes that the Russians shot dead two columns of volunteers who were bringing humanitarian aid to Chernihiv residents and were trying to evacuate people from there. “Several volunteers were killed. Some were injured. Cars were burned to the ground.” – The website quotes one of the volunteers.

In the morning it exploded Fire at an oil depot in Belgorod, Russia, about 40 km from the Ukrainian border. Authorities decided to evict residents from several neighboring streets.

Governor Vyacheslav Gładkov, quoted by TASS, said two people were injured. “They are injured, two people. Oil-based workers. They have been given first aid and their lives are not in danger,” he said.

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A Pentagon spokesman said a column of Russian military vehicles near Kiev, about 60 kilometers long, had recently disappeared. They never accomplished their mission. They did not really provide any valuable supplies to the Russian forces that had gathered around Kiev Announced by John Kirby.

Some South Ossetian soldiers refused to take part in the war On the territory of Ukraine and returned to Tskhinvali on their own – reports Ukraine Pravda on Friday.

MediaSone’s website quotes one of the soldiers from the Fourth Army Base at the Nisni Jaramak border checkpoint, who decided to return home: “We were taken away, they wanted us to die, and our commanders got the order

As the war continues, Russia continues to commit heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity. It is clear that Russia is undermining all policies based on peace and security in Europe. He sows rape, violence and murder, and the Russian world is like this, stressed Ukrainian Ambassador Yevgeny Zimbaliyuk. Russia “breaks dreams, plans and life” In Ukraine.

Ambassador Yevhen Cymbaliuk said this during a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna on Thursday, according to a Ukrainform reporter. In Ukraine, the Russian military is behaving like a terroristShootings, rapes and murders in educational institutions.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Thursday that the situation in the south and in the Donbass region was very difficult. Russia mobilizes troops near the besieged city of Mariupol.

“Wars are coming. We have to go the hard way to get everything we want,” he said in a video conference night recorded in front of the Presidential Palace in Kiev.

Soldiers of the Azov Regiment will not surrender to Mariupol, who was stopped by Russian invaders, and will fight to the end for the city. – Its commander Denis Prokopenko announced in a televised interview with Ukrinform on Friday. Added: “We will do everything we can to ensure that the deaths of our brothers and sisters are not wasted.”

President Zhelensky also signed off on the decision to award 136 more soldiers. Pravda of Ukraine writes that the gifts were given “for personal courage and selflessness in defending the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and for loyalty to the military pledge.” “I’m thankful for everyone!” – said Zhelensky.

Russia transfers some of its troops from Georgia to Ukraine – Between 1,200 and 2,000 soldiers – This is certainly not planned and testifies to the significant casualties suffered by Russian troops during the invasion – the British Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday evening.

“The government began to accept service Demands compensation for damaged property of our citizens. Houses and apartments – the government will return to our people everything destroyed by the occupiers, “Volodymyr Zhelensky said in a video conference on Thursday.

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In a few days the president said 25,491 applications have already been submitted. According to our estimates, the number of people living in destroyed houses and apartments is 63,000. 471 people. But we know many more need to be rebuilt. Much more.

“It simply came to our notice then The anti-hero decided “I do not have time to deal with all the traitors now, but gradually they will all be punished,” Zhelensky said on Thursday.

He said that those high-ranking soldiers who are not allowed to choose, where their homeland is, those who violate the military allegiance to the Ukrainian people, our state, its independence, liberty, will certainly be protected. They will lose high military positions.

Every day we follow the situation in Ukraine in relation to the Russian invasion. In our report you will find photos, videos, latest news from the front, reports of RMF FM special envoys to Ukraine and international reactions. Here you will find the relationship with yesterday >>>

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