Russia. Russians flee before mobilization. They must serve in the Israeli army

As he pointed out, Hundreds of young RussiansThose displaced due to war repression or mobilization, He must now face military service in Israel.

Israel became popular direction Because among the Russians leaving the war Russians can travel there without a visaA If they have Jewish ancestors, they can apply for citizenship. According to the Jewish Agency, which handles Jewish immigration to Israel, is over 43,000 immigrants from Russia arrived in Israel in 2022.

In Israel, mostly from young peopleBoth women and men To serve in the Israel Defense Forces. This requirement also applies to new Russian immigrants under the age of 22 who become citizens. As The Moscow Times points out, the rule applies Regardless of whether they recently arrived in IsraelThey are fleeing war, mobilization or political repression.

Alice: I can’t imagine serving in any army

The website cited the story of a 17-year-old girl Alice left Russia After the invasion of Ukraine, he was called to join the Israeli army a few months later.

– I left because of the war I can’t imagine serving in any armyIn which country – she told the portal.

– I have nothing to do with killing people. “Even if I don’t do it myself, I don’t want to wear the same uniform that kills other people for any reason,” he added.

Avoiding military service was criticized

In Israel Termination is possibleamong others when for military service Health, conscience or marriage will not allow it. However, for people who don’t know Hebrew and local rules Navigating the Israeli bureaucracy is a problem.

Alice and her boyfriend MatvejA refugee from Russia to Israel. They decided to get married. However, since Israel only recognizes religious pledges, ABane and Matvej had to go abroad to get married. Their relationship is still awaiting official confirmation. After months of struggling with the military bureaucracy, Alice was finally granted medical leave.

However, as The Moscow Times asserts, Refusal to serve In the Israel Defense Forces Mostly banned, Those who avoid it are perceived negatively by Israeli society. Persons seeking assistance to avoid the draft Frequently They are met with angry commentsAnd in the case of emigrants from Russia, the opinion is that “they should go back to Russia.”

Compulsory military service in Israel usually lasts two years and eight months for men and two years for women. Only ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arab citizens are exempt from this.

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