Russia. Reports of explosions at Engels military base

Ukrainian and Russian media reported that an explosion was heard shortly after midnight on Monday at the Engels base, 800 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. “Information about the incident at the military facility is being verified by law enforcement agencies,” said the governor of the Saratov region. Three people were killed in an explosion at the site, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

RBC Company Ukraine There were two explosions at the Engels site. Russian service Baza, citing local residents, reported hearing anti-aircraft sirens and explosions. According to the media, the fire broke out in the basement with an area of ​​120 square meters.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, this is what happened

“On December 26, at 01:35 Moscow time, the air defense of the Russian Air Force shot down a low-altitude Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle approaching the Engels military airfield in the Saratov region,” the Russian Defense Ministry was quoted as saying. By Russian news agencies including RIA Novosti.

The Russian Defense Ministry says three servicemen who were part of the technical staff of the site were killed when fragments of a Ukrainian drone fell. The ministry further informed that there was no damage to the aircraft equipment.

So far there has been no reaction from the authorities in Kiev.

Reaction of local authorities

“There are no crisis situations in the residential areas of the city” Engels – Roman Busargin, governor of the Saratov region, responded to Telegram in the first media reports.

“There is absolutely no threat to residents. Civil infrastructure is not damaged. Information about the incident at the military station is being verified by law enforcement officials,” the official said on social media.

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An airport near the Russian city of Engels, several hundred kilometers from the border with Ukraine Russian Ministry of Defense Press Service/Associated Press/East New

A military base in the west of Russia

An air base near the city of Engels in the Saratov region is used by Russian troops to attack civilian targets in Ukraine. Tu-95 strategic bombers take off from the airport and then launch cruise missiles at the neighboring country.

If the reports are confirmed, there will be more explosions at the site this month. On December 5, there were simultaneous drone strikes on deep strategic air bases. Russia — In Engels and Ryazan. At the time, the Russian Defense Ministry said it was an “attempted attack by Ukrainian drones”. The explosions killed at least three people and damaged several military aircraft, the independent Russian portal Meduza reported.

Kiev has officially denied any attack on the Russian border.

PAP, Reuters, RIA Novosti

Main photo source: Russian Ministry of Defense Press Service/Associated Press/East News

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