Russia. Putin has the letter “traitors”. The report attacked diplomats and the Avrov ministry News from around the world

Boris Bondarev resigned from the post of Russian adviser United Nations This came as a shock to the Kremlin. As it turns out, the diplomatic decision could lead to a number of changes in the Russian Foreign Ministry. The ministry overseen by Sergei Lavrov should be carefully scrutinized by the former head of the FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, which comes from the KGB).

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Putin’s biggest fear. Expert: That is why he is always afraid of revolution

Russia. Vladimir Putin has been listed as a “possible traitor” by Russian diplomats

Sources close to the Kremlin say the report hits the desk Vladimir Putin. The document was prepared by Nikolai Badrushev, former chairman of the FSB and secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation. Badrushev is called the “heir” Putin“And he knows he doesn’t like the boss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Russia Sergei Lavrov.

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Russia. Vladimir Putin has chosen his successor. This is Nikolai Badrushev

Portal General SVR reports that Badrushev’s report is accompanied by a list of potential “diplomatic traitors”. The document contains the names of more than 100 “uncertain” ambassadors who may decide to take similar action against Pondicherry. In addition to the data, the report is accompanied by detailed descriptions of the circumstances in which diplomats want to “betray”.

He wanted to know about the list Vadim PutinOZN is said to have been surprised by the resignation of a Russian ambassador. As the portal points out, Putin will not take any strong action against the ambassadors, but he will most likely call for an interview with Sergei Lavrov.

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“Lavrov dreams of resigning himself and asking Putin to retire at least five times.”

Reports of the report may cause concern among Russian Foreign Ministry staff, who have described it as a “sand castle” by politicians unfavorable to Lavrov. “It would be foolish for Putin to carry out sanctions on the foreign ministry during the war. Method Putin has been told to retire for the past two years. Russian diplomacy could pose a huge problem for Putin and lead to the worst crisis he has ever faced while in power. Putin destroyed Russian diplomacy, turned it into propaganda, and its face is Maria Zakharova, “he writes succinctly. Telegram Team General S.V.R.

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