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Shocking and propaganda entries appear on the profile Dmitry Medvedev Since the beginning of the Russian attack on Ukraine. One of the Kremlin’s weapons to support the invasion of Russia’s populous neighbor is disinformation. However, the last entry shocked even the Kremlin.

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Journalist arrested in Moscow for protesting invasion of Ukraine

Dmitry Medvedev wrote about the occupation of Georgia? The Kremlin says it’s a “hacker attack”.

Dmitry Medvedev Moscow’s goal, he wrote, was “recovery.” boundaries Never ending homelands. “Until 1801,” he added, “there was no such country.” Georgia“Active” only within the borders of the Russian Empire. “” North and South Ossetia, Abkhazia and other parts of Georgia can only unite as part of one state. Russia” – you can read in the post.

next Politician Kazakhstan has also been critical. The country was called an “artificial country” and its people were accused of “genocide of Russians”. “We will not look away and until the Russians get in there, there will be no order,” it continued. The Kremlin used similar rhetoric before the war with Ukraine. Moscow accused Kiev of carrying out the killings in separatist Donetsk and Luhansk Republic of the people. These allegations are certainly not substantiated by any means.

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Medvedev showed a false version of the map of Ukraine and a “gift” to Poland

However, the post was deleted from Medvedev’s profile shortly after it was published. Its content was protected for the former host of Ksenia Sobchak, who supported the democratic movements in 2012 and therefore lost her job. The journalist added that while Medvedev’s entry was “strange”, it “fits the rhetoric” the politician has been using for months.

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From calculations “Ukrainian truth“Ten hours after the post was taken down, the former Russian president’s account is about to be hacked by an unknown criminal,” the Kremlin’s propaganda media reported.

Dmitry Medvedev (cover photo)Medvedev is furious and threatens the final judgment. Ukraine’s tough response

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