Russia. Medvedev is playing foam again. Contempt for Kaczyński and Morawiecki. “Copyright Russophobes” | News from around the world

Dmitry Medvedev In the last 20 years “on her Eyes“The situation in the West is significantly lower Politicians. He complains that “there are no people in Europe like Helmut Kohl, Jack Chirac or Margaret Thatcher” and insists that “strong politicians have never been Russobops”. Campaigners Kremlin They like to use the argument about russophobia of all Western politicians they condemn Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Death of a journalist in Ukraine. “Russians carry out an execution”

Medvedev: The West is ruled by technocrats, not politicians. “They can’t make responsible decisions”

According to Medvedev, “those who ruled politics were sometimes replaced by individuals of the entire age, usually referred to as technocrats.”

“Some of them are highly qualified professionals, but nothing else. That’s the problem! Such people can develop ideas intelligently and give precise orders to assistants. However, they can not be held accountable. They hide, they will be. , But they will not make a decision, “said Dmitry Medvedev, deputy secretary general of the Security Council. Russia. Still blaming Politicians Westerners make decisions “with catastrophic delay.”

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“A true politician is not afraid to make decisions, yes, he can make mistakes and fail, but it will be a valuable lesson. Every leader is unique, but a politician is one who can make and take decisions that people do not want. Someone beat up students there and let them in, “said Russia’s former president.

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Do Russia and China share a close partnership on many levels?

Medvedev: Scholes is not Merkel, but Kaczynski and Moraviki are “patented Russobops”

“It is clear to everyone that there is no crime, but not Mario Tracy Silvio Berlusconi, not Olaf Scholes Angela Merkel. These are new people and newcomers, in my opinion, far from the era of government,” Medvedev said. And goes to Volodymyr Zelensky and rating Jaroslav Kaczynski And Mateusz Morawiecki.

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“Will the current president of Ukraine come in a green T-shirt at the meeting with President Chirac? Of course not. This is ridiculous. I’m not even talking about politically ignored people. Bandal […]”- he adds.

War in Ukraine (illustrative photo)Ukrainian intelligence: Russian “elite” trained in war with NATO destroyed

“The problem with the degeneration of European politics is that it has become a vocal support for American solos. Can Charles de Gaulle oppose any American president? Which Europeans today will not shake hands? They do not think. The future. They are limited. For their electoral purposes. That fact must be taken into account. “

“This is a problem not only for the West but also for Russia. The efficiency of politicians is inevitably declining. Vladimir Putin“There is no one to talk to after the demise of Mahatma Gandhi,” he concluded.

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