Russia. Leaving the military was “basically impossible”. “The only option is death, injury or imprisonment” | World news

“Partial mobilization” began in Russia 21 September. Initially, only reservists and those serving in the armed forces were conscripted. Indeed, according to Russian political scientist Ivan Prieobrażeński, it was “the first wave of public mobilization”.

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Reactions of Russians to Ordered Mobilization. “I’d better go to jail. I won’t fight for this power.”

Mobilization in Russia. Anyone can be called, leaving the army is basically impossible

– This word “part” is intended to mitigate the adverse effect. Everyone should breathe a sigh of relief and trust that they will take someone else – exiled Russian political scientist Ivan Priobrachensky said in an interview with the Polish Press Agency.. The political analyst he refers to is Yekaterina Shulman OnetThe order noted that these “vulnerable” parameters do not exist.

– According to this text, anyone can be drafted, except for the employees of the military-industrial complex, who are deferred for the period of work – he emphasized. As we wrote, according to the independent Russian portal Medusa, up to 1.2 million Russians could be recruited.Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, denied the report.

“After Vladimir Putin signed a law making voluntary submission and refusal to participate in hostilities punishable by up to ten years in prison, many of the draft age began to fear that they would face prison terms for failing to report to military registration and conscription bureaus. Ministry of Defence It had to be explained that this is not the case: failure to appear will result in a fine of only 500-3,000 rubles “- Onet explains, the mobilization notice emphasizes. However, this provoked many protests.

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Sergey Krivenko, lawyer of the association “Citizen. Military. Law”, explained, Reuters agency reported “Reduction Army It is basically impossible. The only option is death, injury or imprisonment for disobeying the commandments.

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Russia. Since demobilization was announced, up to 700,000 people could leave. People

700,000 people have left Russia in less than two weeks since mobilization was announced. “Forbes” reported this, citing sources in the administration of the Russian leader. Most – 200,000 Russians – left for Kazakhstan. Citizens of the Russian Federation are fleeing to countries not yet closed boundaries To the Russians. Mostly men of recruiting age run away. During that time, that is, in the last two weeks, more than 200,000 people were mobilized into the Russian army.

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