Russia. Kremlin spokesman: Vladimir Putin is ready to speak

“First – President Putin has always been supportive of negotiations and diplomacy. In fact, he was the one who put security guarantees for the Russian Federation on the agenda. Ukraine – this is only part of the problem, it’s part of the most serious issue of guarantees for Russia, and of course, President Putin is ready to continue talks, “said Peskov, quoted by Russia’s Dass and Interfax.

US General: In many ways, the attack on Ukraine is already underway

Earlier on Monday, during a meeting with Putin, they recalled what Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had said.In Russia it is not ready to hold endless talks About security issues with the US and NATO, but – as he added – there are still opportunities to reach an agreement.

When Pesco’s announcement in the media that Vladimir Putin is ready to talk to the West Authorities in Washington have imposed a temporary ban on the operation of the embassy in Kiev It also called on U.S. citizens to leave Ukraine and issued similar warnings to Americans in Belarus.

At the same time, CNN reported Analysis of the material published on social networks indicates the intense movements of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.. “Russian units are ready, still approaching the Ukrainian border,” he wrote on his CNN website.

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