Russia. Journalist Marina Ovsyannikova found guilty of defaming the Russian military

Marina Ovsianikova, a former Russian television journalist who became famous for her protest against the war in Ukraine at Pervy Canal, was found guilty on Thursday of defaming the Russian armed forces in posts published on social media.

– The evidence confirms Ovsyannikova’s guilt. There was no reason to doubt their authenticity, the judge said after a short hearing. Marina Ovsyannikova called the actions against her “absurd”.

The journalist was fined 50 thousand rubles (approximately PLN 3.8 thousand).

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Questions about the struggle on Russian television

The world media became aware of Marina Ovsyannikova’s presence in mid-March, when a recording of a live show broadcast on Russian Pervy Kanal TV appeared on social media. Behind the presenter, the woman holding the hand appeared unexpectedly A poster with the words “No War”. (not for war). “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. Everyone is lying here,” the banner read.

Russian journalist Marina Ovsianikova with the Vaclav Havel PrizeYouTube / Oslo Freedom Forum

At the time, Owsiannikowa’s gesture caused great emotion, and her speech was received ambiguously. Ukrainian companion Roman Hryschuk suspected the arbitrariness of her behavior And it suggested it could be “part of a planned Russian campaign against the West”. One reason – in his opinion – was that the inscription on the poster was in English, which neither Russians nor Ukrainians use on a daily basis.

After his demonstration after the introduction of W Russia Under strict regulations on “spreading false information about the Russian military,” he was expected to at least be arrested or, at worst, jailed. However, this did not happen. girl She stood in inquiryBut fined only 30 thousand rubles.

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After his struggle, the journalist stayed German “Die Welt” was employedwith whom The collaboration ended after a few months. As he later declared, “he was forced to return to Russia”. “Unfortunately, this is my only chance to see my children and influence their future,” she wrote.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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