Russia. Is Vladimir Putin planning to provoke Ukraine in Moscow? Some action has already been taken World news

Since January 19, the media has been publishing photos showing air defense systems placed on the roof of the Russian ministry. According to Sergei Shirnov, a former KGB agent and former employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, this could be a prelude to an attack on Moscow. Russia Ukraine will be blamed. “Russia Bansir installed a missile system in the main building today Ministry of Defence In Moscow,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Is Russia planning a missile attack on Moscow to blame Ukraine?

In the near future Russia He can launch a missile attack on his own capital and he will blame everything Ukraine. “Air defense in Moscow is a strange story. From a military point of view, it’s complete nonsense. A public demonstration of air defense tells the enemy where it is located, and if you know where the air defense is, you can attack. Either that or bypass it,” the former agent pointed out. In conversation with KGB Sergei Shirnov Union Agency. Often, this type of security is guarded and kept secret. Zhirnov believes there must be a reason for Russia’s behavior. “Putin Air defenses may have been set up in Moscow to simulate a Ukrainian attack on Moscow. They will shoot down several missiles, one of which will destroy the apartment building. All this, of course, will pass through all channels, they will say – that’s how bad Ukrainians are,” Sergei Shirnov quotes the Union.

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Russia. Former KGB agent: “In a military sense, Putin is a complete idiot”

According to Sergey Shirnov Vladimir Putin Ahead knows the current situation, but does not accept it. Shirnov says the Russian leader “wants to take over Ukraine in its entirety. In his mind, at least, Donbass must be finished.” “Russia is a poor, unfortunate victim of NATO and Western aggression, and if it hadn’t attacked Ukraine first, it would have. He’ll never let it go. According to him, third parties are always to blame, he’s not to blame for anything, he’s doing everything right.” Putin commented. Zhirnov commented on the decisions of the Russian president. “Putin is a stubborn man, he is like Stalin, he likes symbolism, Donbass is a symbol for him. If he was a military man, he would take Zaporozhye and Kherson now. It will be easy because there is a multi-level security system. Built in Donbass, which they could not deal with for nine years, “this As the war showed, Putin is a complete moron in the military sense. A rational person would not start such a war, but he believes in what he is doing.” Zhirnov comments.

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