Russia is conducting secret mobilization in Crimea. Recruits receive rusty helmets taken from the dead | World news

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu met with Vladimir Putin on October 28 and informed the dictator of the results of the mobilization that had begun in Russia. 21 September. However, no legal action has been released regarding the suspension of operations. The American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) estimated The Kremlin is probably preparing the conditions for their continuation, as confirmed by the words of the Ukrainian president’s representative in the now-occupied Crimean peninsula, Tamizha Tasheva.

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Russia is secretly mobilizing. “Leaky underwear, rusty helmets”

Tamiła Taszewo announced on Wednesday (November 9) that the Kremlin is still mobilizing and, among other things, getting the Russian army. Residents of occupied Crimea. – Occupancy registration and recruitment offices in Crimea were instructed to search for and recruit volunteers for special operations. [tak rosyjscy propagandyści nazywają wojnę w Ukrainie – red.] – Quoted by Ukrinform.

– I must return to our citizens: according to Ukrainian law, an agreement signed with the Russian army is an agreement for your death or criminal liability – Tasheva emphasized. – Failure to participate in this war is not only helping the Ukrainian armed forces. It saves your life. Your life is counted in rubles for the invaders. Your life is precious to Ukraine. Therefore, please take care of them, because the occupation and victory of Crimea is approaching – he added.

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However, the occupiers could not meet the current needs of the soldiers, above all, clothing for conscripts and reservists. – We know about cases of giving Russian soldiers in Crimea rusty helmets and holes with holes Underwear Bulletproof, pulled from the bodies of previously killed soldiers – Taszewo quoted Ukrinform company.

Residents of Crimea are forced to work for the benefit of Russian troops

Also, residents of Crimea are being forced Work For the benefit of the Russians and to finance their needs. Employees of one of the companies have to sign a declaration dedicating their daily salary. Army Invader.

– If someone disagrees, he is fired. In turn, Tasheva said that one of the armed forces regiments stationed in Sevastopol asked law firms to purchase the necessary equipment for the soldiers. – Appeals circulate through local self-government bodies to provide various things to the army – viz Underwear For competitions – said the representative of the President of Ukraine.

– The occupiers continue to complain that the local community does not adequately support the Russian military. “There is no reason to be surprised,” she insisted.

More than 500 protesters died. Russians want to go home

Russia wants to exterminate the Crimean Tatars

In September, Tamiła Taszewa reportedRussia wants to destroy the Crimean Tatars by conscripting them into the army and sending them to war. – In cities inhabited by Tatars, the occupiers issued summonses to the army. They often put people in cars and took them to the vice-commission – Tassevo said. – Age – 18-50 years. According to our sources, they do not say about the diseases that men catch: now they are all fit – she said then. According to the representatives of the President of Ukraine, this was a “demonstration measure” to punish the Tatars for not supporting the Russian aggressors.

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