Russia. Explosions in the city of Sergiev Posad. A military equipment factory catches fire

Russian media reported a powerful explosion at a mechanical optics factory in the Moscow region. The factory will also manufacture military equipment. The footage shows the streets of Sergiyev Posad covered in clouds of smoke. At least 31 people were injured, the governor of the region, Andrey Vorobyov, said.

At a factory in the city of Serkiev Posad, 70 kilometers from Moscow, Zagorskie Zakłady Mechaniczno-Optyczne lit. It will also be built there Military equipment provided by the Russian Army.

A fire should appear in the working room Pyrotechnic warehouse.

“Eyewitnesses report a massive explosion. There are videos showing huge clouds of smoke,” the Mash channel reported on Telegram.

In one of the records You can see the moment of explosion.

Russian channel “112” reported The explosion occurred when a drone crashed into the building. Rescue services gave a different version. They said it was the cause of the explosion “Breach of technical process”.

Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov said that 11 people were initially injured, though the TASS news agency reported. At least 31 people living in Russia were injured.


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