Russia. Crude oil goes to Europe in defiance of sanctions

Despite sanctions, Russian oil reaches Europe by sea, the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Program (OCCRP), the media outlet that monitors organized crime and corruption, said on Friday. According to the OCCRP, Russian tankers fly the Liberian flag, are insured by an Indian company and deliver raw materials to EU ports.

The 18 tankers, owned by Russia’s largest shipping company Sowkomfłot, are registered as the property of its daughter companies. Cyprus And the United Arab Emirates and their insurance company is the Indian Register of Shipping (IRClass).

OCCRP: Russian oil goes to Europe despite sanctions

These ships, among other things, fly freely Italian, Denmark, the Netherlands and South Africa, identified OCCRP journalists in May; Each tanker carries approximately $ 240 million worth of oil cargo.

Professor. Ricardo Soros of the University of Oxford explains that it is almost impossible to prove that these ships belong to a Russian company because the ownership system is so complex and Sowkomflot often rebrands them and advises turning off their transponders.

“Liberia is a shipping lane that gives its flag to foreign ships, and getting it is as easy as setting up a mailbox,” says Soros.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Restrictions on Sowkomfłot

United States And the EU imposed sanctions on Sowkomflot in February. This includes ships still under construction, including South Korea. These are mainly tankers-icebreakers, designed to carry liquefied gas from deposits. Russia Wants to exploit in the Arctic, OCCRP explains.

Reuters reports that IRClass, the best Indian shipping company, has insured more than 80 ships operated by Dubai-based SCF Management Services Ltd, which are listed on the Sowkomfłot website as a subsidiary of the company.

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