Russia. Chuvashia mercenaries complain about the lack of promised money for participation in the war in Ukraine World news

Ukrainian Independent Information Agency UNIAN Thursday (August 4) describes the situation of those living in poor areas Russia. For many of them, fighting at the front is the only way to earn money.

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War in Ukraine. Chuvashia mercenaries complain of not being paid to fight

According to the FreeDom project cited by UNIAN agency, officials Russia He promised to pay volunteers from Swashiya (Republic located in the European part of Russia) 200,000 rubles for participation War (about PLN 15.4 thousand) and 2 thousand. ruble (about PLN 154) for each day of fighting at the front. But they did not get the money when they returned home. Accordingly, 40 Players The “Atal” battalion decided to appeal to the authorities of the Republic, asking them not to “debase themselves with promises of fulfillment” – we read.

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In their appeal, the mercenaries insist that they are still ready to continue the fight, however, they threaten to leave the battalion to work for private military companies, from which they will certainly receive money. “But the thousands of Russian mercenaries fighting in Ukraine are very wrong: they have no chance to earn Money. The case of the soldiers from Chuvashia, unpaid by the state, is no exception, “we read. According to military expert Ivan Stupak, the money earned by the soldiers is distributed to their superiors. The families of the killed mercenaries cannot be recognized in front of their deaths.”

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