Rumour: PS Plus base game for September 2023 leaked early

Photo: Payment Square

A game as of September 2023 PS Plus Basic It appears that the render was leaked before the official announcement. trusted DeLabs dropout @belbel con He’s got the scoop, and it looks like subscribers will get Saints Row on PS5 and PS4. To be clear, this is the 2022 reboot Saints Row – a game that proved quite divisive when it released, but has had some pretty big gameplay updates since then.

For what it’s worth, we enjoyed the new Saints Row as a relatively dumb sandbox game. The action is intense, the open world is beautiful and crowded, and it has some fun missions. The humor isn’t always down to earth, and the writing is lacking either Nice Sometimes, however, there is pleasure in enjoying the right expectations.

By the way, the game’s season pass is coming to an end, which helps explain why the base version is on a service like PS Plus.

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