Rumors about Macron's wife's gender The President could not tolerate it

Rumors about Brigitte Macron, 70, claiming she was born a male and later underwent gender reassignment, have circulated for years.

Emmanuel Macron sharply responds to rumours: the work of misogynists

The French President has decided to give a strong response to them during his speech on International Women's Day last Friday.

Misinformation and fabricated scenarios are the worst. Eventually, people begin to trust them, robbing others of intimacy – Quoted Emmanuel Macron, among others, “Daily Mail”.

The French leader described the rumors targeting his wife The work of misogynists, the attacks many women face online.

Earlier, Macron's Sidi spoke about the issue. – In an interview with Paris Match magazine, when I see people writing that my mother is a man, I worry about the state of society – 40-year-old Defin Asian admitted.

– The certainty and credence given to her transgenderism is appalling. How can we combat misinformation online? – asked the woman. As he emphasized, anyone can post anything, but it takes time to remove it.

A surprising rumor about Brigitte Macron: she was born a boy

Let's remember that the first lady of France's transgender theory dates back to December 2021. It was then that a detailed interview was published on showing evidence of Brigitte Macron's true life story.

Amantine Roy and Natacha Ray, two French women, noted in the article that Emmanuel Macron's wife was born a boy named Jean-Michel in 1953 and underwent gender reassignment in the 1980s. The women argued that Brigitte's first husband, André-Louis Asier, never really existed and that her children were actually born to Catherine and Jean-Louis Asier. The childless spouses were officially accused of falsifying administrative documents to hide “state secrets”.

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“They tried to hide state secrets”

The women were taken to court for their theories, which were immediately picked up on social media. They were fined for defaming the first woman.

The French said they were intimidated by the authorities. As they insisted, in this way the “highly-protected” representatives of the Paris establishment tried to hide a “state secret”.

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