Ronaldo has 60 hat-tricks in his career. The world record cannot be broken, but in recent history there is no one better

A month ago, Ronaldo already challenged the German Erwin Helmen, who allegedly scored 987 goals in 578 official matches. The striker is said to have over 140 hat-tricks. But Cristiano’s more than eight hundred goals were scored in front of the eyes of the whole world, and not during the reign of a petty tyrant in Berlin. So the Portuguese has every right to consider himself the most successful sniper in the history of football, when we talk about a high level. Even Pele’s opponents in ordinary tournaments were not as organized and strong as the current Norwich. The Canaries made Manchester United and the veteran sweat, but Ronaldo’s three goals tell more about his anniversary triples. Follow the link and make your bets!

January 12, 2008. First hat-trick of his career

Pele, at the age of 17 years and 244 days, scored a hat-trick against the French national team – the youngest author at the World Championships. But the Brazilian immediately played in the center of attack, and the Portuguese started on the flank, and not as an insider, but as a winger. The first seasons in football were far from being as productive for Ronaldo as subsequent ones. He scored 4-5 goals in the whole championship in England, being a first-team player. But then he rose to the mark of 17 goals, and then went on a record – 31 goals in the 2007/08 season. It was in the course of rebirth that he took a new height – for the first time he scored three goals in a match. They beat Newcastle with a score of 6:0, and what is significant – all the goals were scored by Ferguson’s wards to poor Given after the break.

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August 28, 2011. Anniversary after moving to Spain

In the match against Zaragoza, Ronaldo scored the tenth hat-trick of his career. Again, the score was 0:6, as in the case of Newcastle, but this time the Portuguese managed to score in the first half. In the end got three goals, Kaka, Marcelo and Xabi Alonso joined the mayhem under the leadership of José Mourinho. The world of football already knew that Ronaldo could score 40 goals in a season in La Liga, so his new exploits were no longer surprising.

April 16, 2022. The long-awaited sixtieth hat-trick

Has it become more difficult to collect fairy tale performances with age? It’s hardly the only thing. Rather, Juventus and Manchester United are not as well built and sharpened for the scoring exploits of a veteran as Real Madrid was in La Liga. In Serie A, the Portuguese also scored about 30 goals in two of three seasons, that is, he surpassed his results at Real Madrid in recent seasons. But more often he began to make hat-tricks in the national team, because the national teams of Lithuania, Luxembourg and Switzerland remembered the meetings against Ronaldo a couple of years ago. The striker also became the oldest author of a hat-trick at the world championships – he scored three times against Spain in 2018 at the age of 33 years and 133 days.

And now he is adding to his collection in the Premier League, because after three goals against Tottenham, he scored three times against Norwich a month ago. He even scored from a free-kick, although for many years everyone has been mocking how the veteran approaches the ball unsuccessfully, takes a famous pose and cannot upset the goalkeeper. In the case of the “canaries” Krul helped – from his hands the ball flew into the net, the blow was strong. Ronaldo has scored fifteen goals in the top 5 for the sixteenth consecutive season. Let’s see if the Portuguese will work with Erik ten Hag, if the Dutchman is appointed as the coach of Manchester United, but for now, Cristiano’s face is smiling again, and he again sees happy faces in the stands.

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