Rocket Sarmat RS-28 – Range. What do we know about the Russians’ new weapons?

Russia announced on Wednesday that it had successfully tested the Sarmad missile. The new weapon is a long-awaited addition to Russia’s nuclear arsenal, according to the Reuters agency. According to Vladimir Putin, the rocket is aimed at “feeding thought” to Moscow’s opponents. U.S. officials say the Russian side has informed Washington of the missile test.

On Russian state television, military commanders reported on the course of Vladimir Putin’s trial. The RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the Plechetsk Cosmotrome in northwestern Russia and hit targets in Kamchatka, about 6,000 kilometers from the other side of the country, according to Moscow.

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Putin argued that the new system “can bypass any modern anti-missile defense mechanism.” – There are no analogies in the world, it will be a long time ago – argued the Russian leader. – This unique weapon will strengthen the combat capability of our armed forces, ensure Russia’s defense against external threats and provide speculation to those who seek to intimidate our country under the influence of aggressive rhetoric, “he added.

The missile was to be launched from the Plesetsk Cosmotrome Reuters

The U.S. Department of Defense announced Wednesday that Russia has notified the United States of the launch of the Sarmashian test. The Pentagon believes this is a routine operation that does not pose a threat to US security, Reuters reports.

Rocket Sarmat – what it is

Sarmatian belongs to the class of the largest intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each missile must be capable of carrying ten or more nuclear weapons. The Soviet Soviet R-36 Wojewoda is the successor to the heavy intercontinental ballistic missiles (NATO naming: SS-18 Satan) – currently the largest in the world in this class.

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Dmitry Rokosin, director of the Roscosmos space agency, quoted the DOS agency as saying that the new missiles would be delivered to Russian strategic target missile forces this fall.

RS-28 Charmed Ballistic MissileReuters

Although the missile has been in operation for many years and its test has not come as a surprise to the West, the Reuters agency points out that the test comes at a time of geopolitical tensions caused by the Russian occupation of Ukraine. .

Jack Watling of the British Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) think tank, eight weeks after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, and less than three weeks to Russia’s Victory Day, on May 9, when the Russian military presented new weapons in the Red Square. It shows Russia’s willingness to present a technological breakthrough (…) when it’s not over, “he said.

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Main photo source: REUTERS

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