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From the studio that brought you rocket leaguePsyonix proudly displays Season 6, a brand new adventure featuring our beloved car team. This season presents animations arcade missile featuring the new Bedouin Van, along with never seen New Tokyo (comedy) Alternative Arena. As the season continues, we will be releasing items from Fornax . seriesLegendary uncage black funkthe introduction of smashing Mid-season event that displays a New game mode.

Coming Soon to Own Wednesday, March 9 at 8AM PT (4PM UTC)

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this season arcade missile Packed more tightly than a clown car. Merc Hitbox fans rejoice! We go across the suburb with a jump Bedouin The truck, complete with road trip stickers on travel well decal.

Be careful while browsing channels – the mysterious nomaster Spread quickly through the game. We’re not quite sure what it is just yet, but it’s showing up in the new Wheelsa target blasteven new pneumatic That somehow devour the Bedouin grille! Not cold numster, not cold!


Bonus Features

The fun never stops with Rocket Pass. we have the Fornax . series It comes into play as a Blueprints shortly after the start of the season. It has elegance mamba A vehicle, this series blends the new and the old with some completely reimagined classics. Slip on a pair of Polka Dot Shades: Multicolor Or get 3D with the new Troika: toaster wheels. We also have a file Shadow Raid Blast Target Turns every match into comic book pages.

The arenas are undergoing some transformation too, like the new New Tokyo (comic) alternative enters the game.

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new batch of Tournament Prizes Roll over, which is a whole bunch of tricks. Toilet rolls, heavy weights, and wheels full of teeth all blend together to make for some of our best rewards yet.

Do not touch this application! Season 6 has another surprise in store. Later in the season, a new limited-time event will appear, releasing an all-new mode that is sure to be a smash hit. Details will come, but for now, we’ll just say hope you like the shakes!


Available in the Item Shop

It looks like the developers used a permanent tag on this. That’s right, much to be expected black funk Coming to the Item Shop in Season 6, so get your credits ready. This instant classic will pair perfectly with your favorite eSports decals and white titanium wheels.

We’re also introducing new Starter and Standard packs packed with classic items like the Jäger 619, Toon-Hydro Trail, Toon Goal Explosion (Titanium White) and more!

Season 6 begins on Wednesday, March 9th after the game update on March 8th at 4PM PST.

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