Riots in the streets of Paris. This is how Marine Le Pen’s opponents responded to her victory [WIDEO]

Thousands of people chanted slogans against the far-right National Rally (RN) and its leaders: Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella.

A pre-election coalition that brought together politicians from the left-wing New People’s Front (NFP) – the Socialists, Communists, Greens and far-left France Anthem (LFI) – was expected in the square.

However, over time, the demonstrators did not limit themselves to verbal protest but also started vandalizing shop windows, bank offices and other public places.

Approximate time. At 1 a.m., armed French police units were deployed to restore order in the streets.

In recent weeks, Republic Square has been the site of a cycle of protests called by left-wing supporters, unions and community organizations.

The National Rally (Marine Le Pen’s former frontrunner National) won roughly 33 percent of the first round of parliamentary elections in France that began Sunday, according to an Ipsos poll. votes.

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The left-wing coalition – the New Popular Front – received approximately 28 percent. In third place were parties centered on President Emmanuel Macron, with a 21% support projection.

The second phase of the election will be held on July 7.

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