Restructuring or release? Carson Wentz, Kenyan Drake among eight AFC players to watch

These are fun times for me. I like to map expected performance to salary metrics. Contracts are usually based on past performance, which is ultimately the best data we have on individual players. But adding a filter of possible alternatives in the open market, along with how else Money can be realistically spent in order to win victories…that’s the kind of party I do! This is where analytics really come into play. For example, a classic debate: do you pay big money for a high end replay… or expect an RB that is closer to average and use the remaining dough to upgrade your offensive line? Too often, people argue such matters within a vacuum, considering only one end of the discussion (back to top) without seriously exploring the options available behind Section 2.

I am endlessly fascinated by these things and can go on making assumptions forever. But for the sake of presenting an article—not a textbook—I’m looking to focus my lens on a more distilled group of gamers today.

By combining 2022 contract information with my models estimating individual participation totals for the upcoming season (using computer vision, advanced data, traditional stats, next-generation stats, etc.), I’m highlighting players who aren’t so perfectly aligned with their contracts that they could be due to restructuring or release. Below you will find eight members of the AFC teams. Click here for the NFC list.

Note: All financial figures below have been withdrawn from over the cover In publication, players are presented in alphabetical order.

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