Registration for the Zenless Zone Zero “Amplification Test” is now available

Mihoyo has Announce The third closed beta test for the urban fantasy RPG Zenlis zero area, also known as “amplification testing”. It will run across PC, iOS, and Android. Subscriptions are now available in the game Official Website. Test start and end dates will be announced at a later date.

Get the details below.

The upcoming beta, known as the “Amplification Test,” will introduce major changes to the hollow combat and exploration systems, improving their flow and speed. It will also feature a new character, a new faction, all-new Bangboo mechanics, a combat challenge—Shiyu Defense, and more. Players can now register through Official Website.

Zenlis zero area Featuring a brand new urban fantasy IP from HoYoverse. In this post-apocalyptic adventure, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural catastrophe known as the Hollow. Amidst this overwhelming disaster, the city of New Eridu rose against all odds and developed into the last bastion of modern civilization. Players will assume the role of an agent and embark on a mission to defeat unknown enemies and uncover the mysteries behind New Eridu.

“Amplification Test” will introduce a brand new character, Zhu Yuan, and a new faction – the New Eridu Public Security Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. Bangboo's latest models are also on their way to the battlefield thanks to their newly developed fighting style – Bangboo chain attacks. In addition, a combat challenge known as Shiyu Defense, along with a series of combat missions, will be available to players through the upgraded Hollow Deep Dive System (HDD). This updated system allows players to dive right into challenging boss battles without any additional steps.

The upcoming closed beta testing is expected to bring significant improvements to the game's overall gameplay experience. Thanks to the latest update to the HDD system, players will be able to explore the Hollows in a more efficient way using the TV Wall (aka Hollow Board), which has been greatly improved. After several iterations, the combat design is now more dynamic, adding to the excitement for both newcomers and hardcore players, especially in Rally Missions and Hollow Zero. Finally, New Eridu offers more urban life events and city guidelines to provide its “citizens” with an immersive residential experience.

Zenlis zero area It is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 5 and PC via client download and Legendary Games Storeand iOS and Android in 2024. PlayStation 5 closed beta testing is scheduled for a later date.

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Watch a new trailer below. View a new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Warming up is essential: amplify the test preview




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