Redesigned Google search filter comes to desktop

Last December, Google introduced topic filters to search results as part of a redesign of the carousel on mobile, and now they’re available on desktop devices.

Search has always turned up filters for images, maps, shopping, videos, news, books, flights, and finance. Last year, Google added related topics, identified by the plus sign, which “help you go deeper or discover something new about a particular topic.”

For example, if you search for “dinner ideas,” you might see topics like “healthy” or “easy.” Clicking on a topic adds it to your query, helping you quickly improve your search results with less typing. The themes are dynamic and will change on tap, giving you more options and helping you explore new areas. For example, if you click on “Healthy,” you might see “Vegetarian” or “Fast” appear next.

In recent days, these topic filters have appeared in Google desktop search results. “All Filters” dropdown, which is necessary because nothing is fixed anymore as everything is sorted by what Google sees”cooperatingFor each query, it appears on the left with widgets, which now appear near the edge of the screen and may require scrolling to the wrong side

Meanwhile, on mobile (web and app), Google shows a circular design that lacks accompanying icons after its introduction a few years ago. On a smaller screen, this removal is just as you see a few more slices per screen, while it makes the carousel more subtle and almost disappears into the background. It is not clear if this change has been widely disseminated.

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