Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Western policies “provocative”. It’s about gas

– No need to mention names, but I can clearly state I don’t think the position of the West is correct – Erdogan said at a press conference in Belgrade after a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

– Because The West follows a policy based on provocation. It cannot be achieved Treaties with Russia – Erdogan added. – Turkey has always worked Balance policy between Russia and Ukraine – was added.

Aleksandar Vucic, in turn, said that Serbia had asked Turkey Permission to exchange imported electricity From Azerbaijan. He added that his country was now enslaved 70 percent from Russian gas, It wants to diversify its supply of this ingredient and plans to do so from next year Get blue fuel from Azerbaijan.

The Serbian President has also warned The coming winter in Europe could turn out to be “very cold”. Due to the associated energy crisis War in Ukraine. – If someone really thinks about defeating Russia militarily in Ukraine, we should be ready. Cold winters, but for polar winters – he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made threats before Cessation of all gas supplies to countries, You choose Russian gas price cut.

In May, French weekly “Le Point” profiled Turkey’s president “Russia’s Trojan Horse in NATO”. “The Turkish president’s cynicism is in no way inferior to the cynicism of his Russian adversary. False pretensesExpansion of the North Atlantic Military System to include Finland and Sweden, The Ankara satrap destroys the unity of the West, which is now manifested in the face of aggression against Ukraine “ – argued the editors of “Le Point”.

Although Presence of Finland and Sweden in NATO Eventually it became a reality and it took Ankara’s consent, By giving consent, it achieved its goal National interests together with Controls the activities of Kurdish militias In the east of Turkey.

Erdogan “undermining the credibility of the alliance The moment he proved himself A very useful fort to protect the Europeans Against the aggressive attempts of neighboring autocrats “- the weekly continued, commenting on the problem of Turkey’s refusal to agree to join the alliance of Finland and Sweden. Ankara was the only one of the 30 capitals that did not agree to the accession of these countries.

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