Reality Show ‘Shark Tank’ Star Daymond John Gets A Restraining Order Against Contestants – Deadline

“Shark Tank” star panelist Diamond John obtained a permanent restraining order on Friday against three former contestants. Court papers alleged they were posting on social media about their alleged “nightmare” experience with him.

Former NFL defensive end Al “Bubba” Baker, his wife Sabrina, and daughter Brittany have been ordered by a New Jersey federal court to stop speaking publicly about their experience with John. They appeared on the show in 2014.

The bakers were also ordered to delete “offensive” social media posts about John and their business relationship.

Court files indicate that Bubba Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs, the Bakers company, accuses John of trying to take control of her entity.

“All of Beckers’ posts are negative, or disparaging, or both, and certainly could affect DFV and John’s reputation, goodwill, and credibility,” U.S. District Judge Robert Kugler wrote in his ruling, referring to the DFV Ventures entity that John set up to do business with the family.

“It is clear that these publications have caused reputational damage which John will now have to deal with.”

Earlier, the bakers complained to Los Angeles Times that John and his associates had misled them and tried to take over their businesses and deprive them of profits in the aftermath of the show.

The Bakers accepted an on-air offer from John to invest $300,000 for a 30% interest in the boneless rib company.

They claimed that the offer was later revised on the air to $100,000 for a larger 35% stake.

John released a statement following the TRO’s decision.

“Today’s decision against the bakers, their company, and their false statements is a moment of vindication,” John said in a statement.

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“The actual facts, the record, and the opinion of a federal judge have confirmed that I did not — and could not do — any wrong. I have always maintained transparency and honesty throughout my journey as an entrepreneur.

“I am grateful for the support I have received during this time and will continue to defend my reputation with the same passion I have for empowering my fellow entrepreneurs.”

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