Ramzan Kadyrov's friend threatens: NATO camp will disappear

Russia continues to scare the West – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently said that the US, Great Britain and France's support for Ukraine poses a “serious strategic risk that increases the risk of direct conflict between the world's largest nuclear powers”.

Kadyrov's friend threatens. “They will swear to Russia”

Now an ally of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has made threats on Russian television. Abdi Aladinov said Russia would continue the war for years.

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– Russia will win in this special military operation and in all other battlefields. Yes, we will have to work hard until 2029-2030, but I assure you that as a result of this special military operation, the NATO camp will no longer be in the form it is today, he said. He added, “Most of the countries that run after the United States today as tyrants would bow to Russia and ask them to join our alliance.”

Since 2022, Abdi Aladinov has been the commander of the auxiliary unit of the Russian National Guard troops stationed in Chechnya – the “Akhmat” battalion. Kadyrov calls him “second brother”. With the Chechen dictator ailing, Aladdinov is being tipped as Chechnya's next president.

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It should be remembered that Russia and other allies continue to wage information warfare and spread disinformation.

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