Radoslav Sikorsky: Russia has not restrained itself except by not using nuclear weapons.

Radosław Sikorski: The reactions to my revelation confirm what I said about PiS

Radoslaw Sikorsky on Putin: He hangs out with the right wing in Europe and America

“The Guardian” writes Sikorsky, a longtime researcher of Russian methods, warned that Putin was trying to justify the right in Europe and America by “weaponizing traditionalism.”

He is the ridiculous leader of international conservatism. We’re talking about a KGB colonel, for God’s sake, said Sikorsky. – I think the Russians did a survey about 15 years ago, or maybe they noticed that certain things like attitudes towards homosexuality, sexism, all kinds of identities, can drive a wedge into our societies. BIn this respect, in terms of attitudes, Central Europe was 10, 15 years behind Western Europe.

Sikorsky on Ukrainian attacks on targets in Russia: Moscow is not restraining itself

Asked if Ukraine could attack military targets on Russian soil, Sikorsky said: – The Russians are attacking the Ukrainian energy grid, its grain terminals and gas storage facilities, and civilian infrastructure. The Russian operation is run from headquarters in Rostov-on-Don. Apart from not using nuclear weapons, Russia has not restrained itself much.

Radosław Sikorski believes that every time the West talks about “red lines”, It encourages Moscow to adjust its hostilities to “ever-changing, self-imposed constraints”.

When it comes to Russian threats to use nuclear weapons, Sikorsky is skeptical. He rated the U.S. threat as credible, announcing a massive attack with conventional weapons on Russian targets on Ukrainian territory if the Russians use such weapons — “even if they don’t kill anyone.”

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