“Quests and Rewards” have been added to Nintendo Switch Online

Photo: Nintendo Live / Damian McFerran

Nintendo just announced that ‘Quests’ and ‘Rewards’ have been added to Nintendo Switch Online.

These items can be accessed by going to the NSO icon on your main switch screen and then selecting the Tasks and Rewards section. Here you’ll find a list of available missions, which relate (as Nintendo says) to “things you probably already do with your Nintendo Switch Online membership, like playing online or trying out your classic game library.”

So, what do you get for participating in these missions? Platinum points, that’s what. They can be exchanged for items in the My Nintendo Store as usual, but also “new, member-exclusive token items that you can collect and group together to create a new user token.”

What are the elements of an icon, you ask? These are the frames, characters, and background items that you can use to customize your User Token on your Switch console. This is the icon that people see when you’re online too, so there’s a motivation to make your icon as unique as possible.

Each month will have a different theme and the icon items will be updated every week – for now, we have Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March birthdays) and Super Mario Odyssey-Items with attributes to earn.

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