Putin’s useful German idiots. Strong opinion of the Western media on Berlin’s policy

Karnitschnig points out that the invasion was a rejection of the actions of a whole generation of politicians in Germany.

“Germany is not new to the worst side of history,” the commenter on politico.eu pointed out. The commentator noted a sudden turn in German policy, and as he noted, “Berlin agreed to do everything overnight that Washington and other allies had been urging him to do for years.”

“The stubborn pressure to face Putin’s continued aggression is nothing more than a catastrophic mistake that puts Angela Merkel in the pantheon of political innocence with Neville Chamberlain.”

– he said.

Karnitschnig proves that Merkel’s approach to Russia encouraged Putin to continue. At the same time, he acknowledged that although the former president was responsible for these “sins”, the entire political class, including the current head of Germany’s central government, was to blame.

According to commentator politico.eu, until Germany understands the history of its previous policy on Putin, it will not have enough credibility in the Atlantic overseas alliance.

“The Germans are well aware that even if they can hide from history for a while, they cannot escape from it.”

– The journalist concluded.

In a recent interview with The Economist, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said that Germany “sees the situation through the prism of the economy.”

– Sometimes they help. I think they are trying to adapt to the development of the situation. They also see how the situation affects their own country. If there is pressure in the country they can help and stop when they think what they have done is enough. I think Germany is more practical than anyone else in countries that can really help

– he said.

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Source: politico.eu, niezalezna.pl

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