Putin’s foot takes on a life of its own. Politician needs steroids and “innovative injections” to be “stuffed” | World news

Health speculation Vladimir Putin have been emerging since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. From intelligence data, Ukraine, the United States or Great Britain indicate that the Russian dictator will suffer from Parkinson’s disease or pancreatic cancer. The politician has been under continuous monitoring by oncologists for several months.

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Russia. Vladimir Putin has lost his left leg again. The video shows the politician twisting his foot in a weird way

Recently, the meeting attracted media attention Vladimir Putin With the President Kazakhstan Kasym-Żomart Tokayev. In Moscow, the leaders discussed a gas deal between Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Less than a month after Vladimir Putin’s latest “disturbing behavior,” as British newspaper The Sun points out, another video appears to indicate the politician’s deteriorating health. As for the 70-year-old president’s ride, he only had to cover 100 meters. Instead of walking the short distance, the Russian dictator climbed into a limousine and alighted seconds later in front of the flower-strewn memorial.

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Putin choked on his tea. “We’re all going to die someday,” he explained.

During the meeting with the President of Kazakhstan Vladimir Putin He couldn’t control the weird twitches of his left leg – the same twitches in other recordings involving the politician. At one point, the president also started turning his foot in different directions in an unnatural manner.

“The Sun”, quoting unofficial information from a “Russian intelligence source”, says that the cause of such behavior may be progressive Parkinson’s disease or the effects of the drugs used. Moscow sources have told British journalists that Putin is “regularly measured” for use of heavy steroids and “innovative painkillers” as part of his pancreatic cancer treatment. One of the side effects of such treatment is visible swelling of the face. Putin is also said to suffer from amnesia, which explains his long pauses during meetings with the mothers of slain soldiers. War in Ukraine (The women later proved to be fake officers).

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