Putin’s death list. Who is in it?

  • Russia’s death list – US government says it has “credible information” on the list of people killed or sent to camps in Ukraine as a priority.
  • The list may include “obvious” targets – for example politicians and journalists. However, it is possible that there are LGBT people or religious leaders
  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky says he is the first person on the list. His family should be behind him
  • Although the United States and, of course, other countries are willing to help evict Zhelensky, he and his family remain in Ukraine voluntarily.
  • Attack on Ukraine. Long live

As the Americans insist, human rights abuses may occur in Ukraine (including torture and civilian abduction), and those on special lists may be killed or taken to camps. UN Human Rights Council The letter to the High Commissioner stated that the United States had “credible information” that the Russians would not take human lives into account and that they would like to fight against civilians taking to the streets against the invasion.

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Creation of a “death list” under the auspices of Russian counter-intelligence?

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov last week categorically denied that there was a “death list.” However, according to the Americans, the list of names was created and its creator and chief executive is the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which is mainly related to counter-intelligence operations carried out within the Russian Federation. In fact, the FSB is also active abroad and conducts somewhat intelligence operations. Therefore, his involvement in the development of the alleged “death list” falls within the scope of the capabilities of those mentioned above. Service.

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According to a report by a British think tank Royal United Services Company (RUSI), the Ukrainian counter-intelligence service has recently acknowledged suspicious FSB activity in Ukraine. The activities of the Russian secret service carried out in some regions were originally aimed at determining the attitude of the local community towards Russia. Over time, Ukrainian counter-intelligence officials noticed that the FSB was actually trying to determine residents’ attitudes to specific officers and local authorities. It is clear that the Russians are making a list of people they can trust and a list of people they can oppose during the invasion.

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According to RUSI, the database of one of the Ukrainian insurance companies helped Russian officials compile the list. Data was hijacked during a massive cyber attack in January. Thanks to the FSB database, retaining the addresses of significant sections of Ukrainian citizens will facilitate the achievement of “targets” for relevant categories. This includes only “obvious” targets such as politicians and journalists. Religious leaders, ethnic minorities or LGBT people may also be at risk.

President of Ukraine, Goal Number One

During Friday’s speech, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that he was “the main target of the Russians who, according to the information at hand, wanted to assassinate a political leader and destroy Ukraine politically.” According to the British newspaper “The Times – There are 400 Russian mercenaries in Kiev known as the Wagner group who hunt down Volodymyr Zhelensky.. Immediately on the “death list” is the president and his family. Zhelensky, who was staying in Ukraine, noted last week that his relatives had not left their homeland, despite the threat. However, for obvious reasons, their whereabouts are unknown.

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According to information received by the Washington Post, the Americans have informed Zhelensky not only about the threats to Ukraine, but also about the immense danger that awaits him. In order to provide relevant information to Ukrainians and other partners who wish to assist, the Americans decided to reduce the classified classification provided to certain reports.

Zelenskiy already met with CIA Director William J. in January. Had the opportunity to talk to Burns about his safety, he appeared in person in Kiev. The Ukrainian president was still skeptical of the circumstances under which the Russians could kill him. However, at that time the people in Kiev were on a mission to assassinate the head of state.

The CIA is ready to oust Zhelensky

According to the Washington Post, US intelligence services are ready to help oust the Ukrainian president. Naturally, Ukrainian services are also ready, but Zhelensky, despite the obvious threat today, in video material released on the Internet, promises that he will be in Kiev.

Failure of Putin’s toxic masculinity

The material, released Friday, clearly shows the president standing with his allies (including Prime Minister Denis Schmidt) in front of the administration building on Bangova Street in Kiev. Zelenskiy was praised by many for his heroic demeanor, however, as many experts point out, his results make him an easy target for the Russians.

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There are two reasons why the “death list” was created, Americans say. The first is an attempt to reduce popular opposition, and the second is to form a pro-Russian government.

Facebook is introducing new features to respond to information about the “death list:” existence.

In the face of information about the existence of a “death list” Meta, the owner of Facebook, announced on Thursday that it will introduce several features that will improve the security of Ukrainian users of the social network..

For example, the option to view the friends list on Ukrainian profiles is blocked until further notice. In addition, the possibility of “blocking” the profile with a “single click” has been introduced, with the exception of making it possible for strangers to save or zoom in on a profile picture or view any posts on a given profile.

In a detailed post, the company also explained how it plans to fight misinformation, one of the most dangerous fighting tools in the hands of the Russians. Employees whose mother tongue is Ukrainian or Russian will be responsible for stricter control of the content available on the portal than ever before.

Russian state media can no longer advertise on the portal or use features that allow you to make money on a given account. The company also announced that its denial was met with a request from the Russian government to suspend the process of independent verification of information published on Facebook by the Kremlin-controlled media.

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