“Putin's boat” was damaged. The prosecutor's office wants to indict the Polish captain

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Earlier, this boat was called Graceful, but that was changed several months ago. In January 2022, shortly before the aggression against Ukraine, this luxurious “Putin's yacht” was brought from Germany to the port of Kaliningrad in Königsberg, fearing sanctions. This was revealed by the allies of Alexei Navalny – reminds Radio Jet.

The case described by “Jedka” concerns an event that happened 14 years ago, when the future Graceful yacht was transported by sea from Russia to Germany. At the time, it had a different working name: Newbuilding Hull A7887 and was the only hull manufactured at the Arkhangelsk shipyard. The tugboat's Polish captain was tasked with taking it to Hamburg, where the boat was to be fitted out.. However, problems have arisen in Norwegian territorial waters.

It started when the steel ropes tying the trawler broke near the Lofoten Islands, an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea off the country's northwest coast, a RadioJet journalist discovered. New Building Hull A7887 started moving towards land. The crew tried to rescue him, but the operation was hampered by high waves and strong winds. The tug was sent into Myre harbor and the damaged hull rested sideways against the coastal rock columns.

Thus began the Polish captain's ordeal. The owner of the unit, Olneil Assets Corp. According to Radio Jet, those based in Tortola in the British Virgin Islands referred the case to the Maritime Chamber in Gdynia. The court found the captain guilty in both cases, but the Court of Appeal in Gdańsk overturned the chamber's decisions in 2013. The Russians, who tried to blame the captain for the damage, sent the cases to arbitration. However, they failed in 2017. After a while, they decided to inform the prosecutor's office about the possibility that the captain had committed a crime. He should be held responsible for willfully causing havoc in maritime traffic and damaging great property. He will get 10 years imprisonment.

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