Putin with a blanket on his lap. A wave of speculation about his health

One photo sparked speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health. During the victory march in Red Square in Moscow, the Russian president sat next to the soldiers, but he alone – despite the positive 9 degrees Celsius – covered his legs with a blanket.

“The pathetic paranoid dictator.” Journalists of the pro-Kremlin website about Putin

Yesterday, 69-year-old Vladimir Putin was surrounded by World War II veterans and watched the victory march in Red Square. Despite the favorable weather, he was the only person covered with a blanket – the Russian president had it on his lap. – British “The Mirror” reports. The Russian capital also had a low of 9 degrees Celsius until noon on Monday.

There was immediate speculation as to what Putin wanted to cover up. Rumors about his health have been circulating for weeks. Some people show signs of Parkinson’s disease. Their opinion The blanket that was on my lap had to cover the trembling of my legs.

The media is reporting on a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.The Russian leader is still at the table. His thumb trembles from time to time. At some point, the president of Russia may move in a strange way.

Adler for RMF FM: Putin has Parkinson, who will remove him from “Troika” power in July!

Recently, British newspapers also wrote about Putin’s cancer.

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According to the British media, The Russian president always travels with nine doctors, and he visits the thyroid oncologist thirty-five times. One has even calculated that in the last 4 years he has spent 166 days with Putin.

The Kremlin continues to deny that Putin has health problems.

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