Putin knows he can’t use nuclear weapons

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson commented in the Wall Street Journal The situation in Ukraine and the position of the Russian president.

Putin knows he cannot use nuclear weapons or weapons of mass destruction. He knows the consequences. The truth is, he fears expansion.

JOHNSON: Let’s help these brave Ukrainians finish the job

In “WSJ” the former prime minister called on Western countries to intensify aid to Kiev.

The world cannot continue to watch Ukrainians being terrorized by missiles and drones. It is a moral abomination that millions of people are left night after night without heat, light or water – not to mention the ongoing and mass slaughter of civilians. The longer Putin continues his senseless attacks, the longer the global economic hemorrhaging will continue.

Let’s help these brave Ukrainians finish the job, the sooner the better, the politician appeals.

Johnson reveals what the EU thought about the outbreak of war

November Johnson gave an interview to CNN Portugal. In it he returned to events prior to February 24, namely the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The former British Prime Minister has mentioned that European countries are divided over the war and its consequences. The politician also revealed the shocking attitudes of some European capitals.

After the war broke out, Johnson insisted that EU countries had taken a clear stance on the conflict in Ukraine and were now offering “firm support” to Kiev. However, the pro-Ukrainian attitude was not so widespread in the period before the Russian invasion.

– This is the case [wybuch wojny – przyp. red.] It was a big shock. We saw Russian troop buildup on the Ukrainian border, but different countries had different perspectives,” Johnson told CNN Portugal.

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“In the early stages, the perception in Germany was that this would be a disaster, and if that happened, it would be better if the whole thing were over quickly and Ukraine collapsed,” Johnson said, citing “all kinds of legitimate economic reasons.” For this approach.

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