Putin is preparing for even greater tragedy. There will be more casualties than the war in Ukraine

Food security in war-torn Ukraine is a concern, especially as Russia appears to be deliberately attacking and destroying food and storage facilities, the report said.

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Ukraine is also one of the top five exporters in the world, exporting a variety of key agricultural products, including corn, wheat, barley and sunflower oil. In 2021, agricultural output was 41 percent. Total exports to Ukraine.

There will be more victims than in Ukraine

– What worries me is that we see many victims in Ukraine, and can see more in the world due to the shortage of grain and food; This may be more than the direct casualties in war British Transport Minister Grant Shops told Sky News.

He said he had spoken with the Ukrainian envoy Oleksandr Kubrako about how to confirm it. Ukrainian grains may leave the country.

– There are many ways to take grains and other goods out of the country and bring them back into the country. I think it is absolutely necessary, otherwise a great famine may occur, the number of which may be greater than the number of victims of war – he said.

Prevents ports



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