Putin is looking for war money. He gave special instructions to the hotels

More money should be invested in arming and training the military for the ongoing war with Ukraine. The Kremlin seeks money from various sources. Now I got the idea that I can earn by selling liquor. New regulations for Russian hotels were announced on March 10. According to it, guests using “All Inclusive” and “Ultra All Inclusive” options can consume alcohol with food without restrictions. However, there is one condition.

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Unlimited liquor must be of domestic production. “Russian alcoholic beverages are served in unlimited quantities in the buffet at lunch and dinner and at the additional food point: beer – at least one type, dry / semi-sweet red / white wine – at least three types, strong alcohol – not less than two types and cocktails based on it” The cited document says. As the agency adds, such guidelines have been established for the first time in Russia.

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