Putin agrees – extra gas is already flowing to Hungary. It is designed to help you replenish your supplies before winter

Additional gas transfer operations are carried out through the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which supplies gas to Hungary via Serbia. About the fact that Hungary was able to finalize Now Deputy Minister Mencher announced the deal with Gazprom on his social media profile. As he noted, additional gas began flowing to Hungary on Friday, August 12. 700 million cubic meters of fuel is to be used to replenish gas reserves before winter.

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Journalists asked the prime minister to comment on Orban’s victory and his statements about the Ukrainian president. “Germany is the main obstacle to tough sanctions.”

Hungary and Russia have agreed on additional gas supplies

About a month ago, the head of Hungarian diplomacy, Peter Szijardo, spoke with Sergey Lavrov in Moscow about buying more gas. The Russians have refused to give their official consent for weeks, and many observers expect them to refuse to send another batch of gas.

Today’s announcement means that Gazprom and thereby the Russian government have reached an understanding with Hungary. The price at which the Hungarian government purchased additional natural gas Russia.

In recent months, Hungary – despite being a member of the European Union, despite opposition from other EU countries – has not taken a stand condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Also, defamatory articles by Volodymyr Zelensky have recently appeared in the Hungarian media (mostly controlled by the government). After Petroleum Stopped flowing through the “Przyjaźń” pipeline to Hungary (it is already running again), A defamatory article appeared in one of the largest Hungarian portals (Origo.hu – one of the most important and widely read websites on the Danube).He blamed Ukraine for the disruption in oil supplies. It was titled “Ukrainians want to intimidate with oil.”

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“President Volodymyr Zelensky’s goals are clear: he wants as much chaos as possible in Europe, and on the other hand, he wants to retaliate in Hungary. The Ukrainian government continues to attack not only Hungary, but also its other allies. His policy is military dictatorship,” it wrote.

“Hungary, which relies on Russian gas for about 85 percent, is adamantly against it Obstacles EU for Russian gas imports, and Prime Minister Viktor Orban also strongly lobbied for release from EU sanctions on Russian oil imports “- he recalls. Reuters Agency.

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