“Purge” in Zelensky’s administration. The President replied

According to sources from the Ukrainian government and the National Defense and Security Council, reached by the “Ukrainian Truth” portal, Tymoshenko was about to submit his resignation. He will be replaced by Oleksiy Kuleba, the governor of Kyiv region.

According to Ukrainian media, Oleg Tatarov, Tymoshenko’s deputy, was about to leave office along with Tymoshenko, who was accused of taking bribes. Reports of Tararo’s resignation are yet to be confirmed.

The heads of the civil-military administration of Sumy, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhia regions, allegedly politically linked to Tymoshenko, also resigned.

According to “Ukrainian Pravda”, Deputy Prosecutor General Alexei Simonenko, “who went on vacation to Spain at the end of 2022, wrote a letter of resignation.”

The rest of the text is below the video.

In his evening speech, Zelensky said, “Sometimes it seems that some Ukrainians behind the front completely forgot about the war and began to ignore reality, taking advantage of the protection of our heroes. Ignoring the war is not a luxury. One can afford it.”

He also said, “Officials and politicians will no longer be able to travel abroad for vacations or for any other purpose unrelated to governing the country.” He also insisted that he had signed the order.

He also announced that there would be personnel changes “at various levels” in the coming days.

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