Publisher Midnight Works is allegedly targeting YouTubers for calling Switch games “fraudulent.”

Image: Midnight Works

YouTuber Luke Wild of the channel Switch Stars – which primarily focuses on highlighting low-effort, low-quality games that should be avoided on the Switch eShop – published video He details what he believes was an attack on his channel organized by publisher Midnight Works.

The Moldovan company is responsible for many of the programs that Wild has covered in recent years. In the video (see below – Please note that it contains expletives), shows messages he received via Discord alerting him to a request allegedly sent to Midnight Works employees asking them to submit false reports to YouTube.

Wild Details The direct messages claimed to be from whistleblower Midnight Works employees and warned him of an impending action aimed at disrupting his channel. The message, when machine translated, appears to be a request sent via Midnight Works' Slack channel asking employees to randomly select and submit harassment reports on “5-10” Wild Videos, “one hit – from your home computer, one hit From your phone.”

Looking at his channel's backend statistics, Wilde believes the increase in activity shortly after this supposed message was sent indicates its legitimacy. Another screenshot he received the next day appeared to show the same request, this time with a timestamp and also showing the company's HR director as the sender, showing the recipients to be 239 members of the “Midnight Team” Slack group. Midnight Works website She says her team consists of “over 240 people.”

Contrary to the copyright claims held by Midnight Works It was previously filed (unsuccessfully) against SwitchStarsWilde says harassment reports are anonymous and he receives no notifications if and when they are made.

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We've reached out to Midnight Works for comment and will update this article with any response.

We spoke to Wild last year for an article highlighting the proliferation of these types of games on the Switch eShop, examining how and why “scam” and “keyword” titles from this and other related companies are flooding the Nintendo Store.

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